Let’s get started, shall we?

It took me several months to finally do this–nobody will ever accuse me of making hasty decisions or radical, quick changes. Even now, I’m not altogether sure where we will head with this blog. But what I feel inclined to do is to sit down with you over a cup of coffee and talk about my favorite topic of discussion: the church.

I’ll start by saying that, the best I can understand God’s plan, it is to use the church to reach out to a lost and broken world and to draw that world back into a relationship with Him. Now, from the outset, I think that’s a crazy plan. It’s not one I would ever have come up with. I mean, the church (that is, all those people who call themselves followers of Christ) is one screwed up, flawed bunch of people. If I were God–and it will perhaps bring you some sense of relief to know that I know that I am not God–I would not be willing to put my reputation into the hands of these people. I would have a great many misgivings about that notion. I suppose this is one of the many things I love about God, even without fully understanding it.

And so, though I do not understand all the reasons why God would choose the church as His ambassadors on earth, I think it is a pretty amazing plan. Moreover, while I see many, many flaws in the church and believe we mess things up on a fairly regular basis, I am still fascinated by it. In fact, I love it. I truly do love God’s people. Can’t explain that. It is what it is.

So, my intent with this blog is to talk about the church, to share some insights and opinions about how we often get as broken as we get, and (I pray) to put some ideas out there about how we might do better. Most of all, I hope to generate discussion among church leaders. So, over time, I hope we can develop some regular readers and “commenters” who will be a part of this conversation.

Please don’t look for a daily post. That is way too much pressure. I’m just not yet disciplined enough to write every day. But I intend to be here two or three times during most weeks, depending on what my family and my mediation practice and my law practice and my church responsibilities will afford. And when I don’t have anything to say, I won’t. And when I stop having anything to say, I’ll stop this blog. And one of you can take over from there.

6 responses to “Let’s get started, shall we?”

  1. Way to go Blake! Hope the discussions are rich and many people participate. I believe in your ministry and hope this is one more part that is helpful to people.

  2. Son, you are going to ruin the reputation of the rest of us bloggers if you have nothing to say and then don’t say it. Not sure any of us understand the concept of not saying something when we have nothing to say. But, you can teach us, I’m sure. Congratulations on your new blog and good luck with it.

  3. Blake,

    Welcome to the club. I will add you to my list to check on from time to time. I appreciate your commitment to the local church. I too have a passion for the body of Christ to find the “oneness” that was intended.

    David Lowrie

  4. Doug, David and Dad-

    Thank you all for your comments, your friendship and your support. I’m looking forward to this new adventure.

  5. David Bergthold Avatar
    David Bergthold

    Blake, as one who has experienced deep pain from people in the church, I will be reading (and participating) in your blog with great interest.

    You (and this ministry) will always be in my prayers, because God’s message is one of hope and reconciliation. My personal journey towards restoration and healing is on-going even today.

    It is all by God’s grace, my friend.

  6. It took me a whole week, but I finally got here. I too am looking forward to this adventure. I would add that I believe the church is one of the primary tools that God desires to use in transforming our lives. Could be that as we look around if we soo too few of those we may need to look at the church to see if the tool needs sharpening. Building strong churches is fundemental to God’s design. Transformed lives is fundemental too.