Celebrate the Birth of a Revolution

The Revolution was not born when Christ was born.  The revolution we call Christianity was born when three world-changing events occurred within a couple of months.  We remember the first of those today: the crucifixion.  We remember the second one in a couple of days: the resurrection.  And the third is a day we remember as Pentecost.

And with these three events, the world would never be the same again.


I’ll be taking some time this weekend to reflect on all of this.  Hope you will do the same.  See you on Tuesday.

He is risen.  He has risen indeed.

One response to “Celebrate the Birth of a Revolution”

  1. Barbara Duffield Avatar
    Barbara Duffield

    The question, to me, isn’t whether I will consider it, but why it is that I so often need a reminder or a nudge to do just that. Even in the midst of Holy Week it is so easy to get caught up in things of the day. Thank you for the reminder – again.

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