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Promptly Admitting When We Are Wrong

Tuesday Re-mix –

Step 10: We continue to take personal inventory and when we are wrong, we promptly admit it.

[I am using these Tuesday Re-mixes for a few weeks to think (again) about addiction to self-reliance and how that addiction is one of the biggest challenges to genuine community which we face in the American church culture.]

I have had more than a little bit of trouble knowing what to write here about admitting when I am wrong (my wife is having a good laugh now…and she can stop now, because it’s not that hilarious).  So, with your permission, I am injecting a little humor into our Tuesday group today…because you and I both need a good laugh sometimes in our recovery journey.  Here is an illustration about owning up to our mistakes and admitting when we are wrong.

Happy Tuesday, everybody.  Good luck with Step 10!

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